Tips in Getting the Best Travel Deals

Traveling is fun and exciting yet expensive. But if you are a smart traveler, you can find ways in getting the best travel deals that can make your trips less expensive.
Here are some tips to that will help you in getting the best travel deals:

Flight deals
•    Plan your trip after the holiday especially after Christmas and New Year. So, travel from January to mid-February because flights are back to their regular airfare or offer promotional fares to entice travelers.
•    Register online accounts on different airlines and sign-up for their emails and alerts. Airlines also use Twitter to tweet best deals that travelers love to receive to book their flights in advance for the lowest cost possible.
•    Remember not to book your flight during Friday and Sunday because they are more expensive. Wednesday is the cheapest day to travel. Buy your plane ticket between 12:00-1:00 am to this day. Other days to fly cheap are Saturdays and Tuesdays. For discounted price, purchase your ticket after 3:00 PM on Tuesday.

•    Find repositioning cruise ships that will take you to different parts of the world with lesser cost. Check out for these vessels in
•    You will the comfort of cruise amenities for two weeks, which is about the expense of an airline ticket to reach your destination.

•    Check different travel booking sites and check their best deals for clients. One way to receive email and alerts is to sign up or make a transaction of booking a room or car rental service. But do not confirm or pay.
•    Give your personal information so they can send their best offers to you when they realize that you are not confirming your booking. This strategy helps many smart people in getting the best travel deals.
•    Check out other hotel booking websites that provide information to help you find rooms at discounted prices.
•    Try home swapping with other travelers or rent a home place to stay while on vacation. Check sites like or
•    For walk-ins, small hotels offer great discounts at the middle of the week.
•    Most resorts that offer accommodation offers good deals during Sunday.
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Use your cards
•    For older people, getting the best travel deals means using their senior citizen cards. Most cruising lines offer discounts as well as numerous hotels, trains, and buses. Get advantage of being in the golden age to enjoy traveling with great deals.
•    Use the reward points on your credit cards. Redeemed rewards to find great deals when going.

•    Go where travelers won’t go for a while due to natural calamities, disaster or economic recesses. These areas need tourism boost to bring back their glory and offer great deals for travelers. However, make sure that the place is safe enough by keeping up with news updates.
•    Upon reaching your destination, choose cheaper ways to tour the sights. If you are in Europe, choose a river cruise to enjoy the beautiful cities. Prices are much lower from January to May. 9-day cruising costs $2,500 inclusive of all plus comfortable trip.

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